Tried Everything To Thicken Up Your Eyebrows?

Eyebrow Microblading and Is It Worth It?

Fed up with using the likes of pencils, pigments, or gels on your eyebrows and nothing seems to work or stay on? Well consider the new method call eyebrow microblading, this is a more permanent solution for thinning brows. Even though most people flinch when you mention tattooing, this is a technique very similar but not as much pain involved.

Microblading is a type of tattooing

Unlike regular tattoos, microblading is a form of artistry where pigments are implanted just beneath your skin with a handheld tool and not a machine. Hair like strokes is drawn using a tool that mimics natural hairs. However, it is not as deep as regular tattoos, it can still be classed as one, due to the fact color pigment is implanted beneath your skin.

What you will need to prepare

Should you drink a lot, take the likes of retinol or aspirin, then you need to stop 1 week before your session, as retinol makes your skin thinner and you will bleed more, so steer clear of anything which thins your blood such as aspirin or alcohol.

Not as painful as a tattoo

Pain is actually relative, and some do feel it more than others. However, the pain can be best described as little scratches. You do feel it, however, it is bearable. Most salons will prep their clients with topical numbing cream and replace it when needed throughout the entire process to reduce any discomfort felt.

Aftercare is critical

This means you must protect newly bladed brows against moisture, so no sweaty workouts or washing your face. Some experience itching and redness in the first 7 days, however, this can be alleviated using Vaseline. Brows do appear slightly darker, to begin with, however, this will fade to about 40%. Aftercare ointments will be given during your first appointment.

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